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[HowTo]Select 1stJob and 2stJob ingame

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1 [HowTo]Select 1stJob and 2stJob ingame on Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:59 pm


-Lvl 15.
-Lvl 45
-No need money.
-No need cash.
-Anything more.

How to select these jobs:

1-Go to a town (Example, Praire.)

2-After this go to the Town Tradder(Example, in praire is Doris)

3-Then you will receive a Selector Menu for all Classes to select Jobs.


List of class that can be support:
Machina (All her jobs)
Lencea (All her jobs)
Warriors (All his jobs, including Dark Avenger)
Assasin (All his jobs)
Kali (All her jobs)
Academic (All her jobs)
Mage (All her jobs)
Cleric (All his jobs)
Archer (All her jobs)

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