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[HowTo]Create Lencea and Machina

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1 [HowTo]Create Lencea and Machina on Fri Sep 25, 2015 11:50 pm


Machina - Lencea
-A Account in our game.
-No need money.
-No need cash.
-Anything more.

How to add these characters:

1st Way (Using GameClient)
1-Download the game

2-Open launcher (You can do this while you are updating)

3-And choose lencea or machina option

3-Fill out the formulary

2nd Way (Using GameWebpage)
1-Visit our webpage: WWW.dragonnest.GQ

2-Go to User Panel section

3-Go to Make New Class subsection.

4-Choose lencea or machina

5-Read description and clic in make

6-Fill out the formulary

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